How to Find the Best Meat Slicer on Market

Some people may say that owning a meat slicer is more of a liability than actual help! It takes up vital space in the kitchen, is difficult to operate and why even bother with such an expensive item only to cut meat? Well the meat slicer is more than just a single dimensional object. It simply takes away the use of conventional butcher knives and replaces them with a saw like mechanism which is fixed on a contraption placed on a table. It not only cuts meat lean but can also be used of other food items especially for slicing fruits and vegetables. But since there is a huge variety of the said item online as well as on the market, choosing the best meat slicer out there can be a bit tricky! Read on to find out just how easily you can accomplish this task. Best meat slicer

The most important piece of equipment in the machine is obviously the slicer itself. You can find different sizes of the blade in the market with the most common ranging between 7 to 11 inches in diameter. The choice of the saw blade is really important as it will lead to a limitation of the size of meat you can slice easily. Consider this, if you have a chunk of meat which is 10 inches in height approximately but the slicer you have has the blade 7 inches in diameter. Now this will cause some complications and will not allow you to cut as cleanly as you would have liked because of the excess movement that would be required. The other thing to always consider when you are looking for the best meat slicer for your use is the internal assembly of the contraption. We are especially talking about the gears over here! To counteract the excessive weight of the machine, some manufacturers have moved on from metal gears to hard plastic ones or even to nylon gears. For the average household use, the plastic ones will be more than sufficient but for commercial or heavy usage, always stick to the heavily built plastic ones as they can take more stress and handle more pressures than their plastic counterparts. Another thing to consider is the overall stability of the product. As mentioned earlier, this is a rather heavy contraption and you would certainly want it to be a well-balanced one. The flat based ones are the best in this regard as you certainly don’t want it slipping of your kitchen shelf and slamming into the ground, making the device useless from there on or worse, even leading to any injury!

As discussed earlier, there is a lot of variety if you make up your mind about making a meat slicer but there are a number of things you can evaluate before you go and buy the best meat slicer for you which will be easy to use and efficient at what it does as well. This is a very useful device which can limit your use for long, sharp, dangerous and heavy knives by giving you a smooth, clean and beautiful cut every time. This device would be safer to use, save your precious time and will not be as dangerous to children as butcher knives are as it is heavy for the little children and must always be placed at a shelf, safely out of their reach as well. We hope this article was helpful in looking for the best meat slicer for your everyday use whether you use it to cut meat, fruits, vegetables or any other food.

The Best Meat Grinder – STX International STX-3000-TF

A meat grinder is a must have kitchen appliance for all the meat lovers. It helps one in fine chopping, mixing of raw or cooked meat. Grinding the meat on your own has many advantages; you can control grinding process and manage the thickness as per taste and likes. This also helps you to prevent you and your family to be exposed to chemicals.Best meat grinder

If you are planning to buy a best meat grinder at an affordable price then you should definitely consider STX International STX-3000-TF. The grinder is loaded with various attachments and different blades for different task. The adjustable motor of this grinder gives you the space to quickly grind even the large cuts of meat without a problem. The grinder is very light weight and weighs only 12 pounds but still the performance and speed of this grinder can be compared with a bigger industrial unit.

The STX 3000 is very simple to use. After attaching the cutting plates you just need to choose the speed you want to grind your meat. In the situation of overload or clog, you can run the engine in reverse mode also. This can help you to completely open up the unit while you in the middle of the process of grinding.

This grinder has such a powerful motor which gives you the results as good as the grocery store. This is why this grinder is considered as the best meat grinder.

The manufacturer of the STX 3000-TF claims that the grinder can grind anywhere between 175 to 225 pounds of meat in an hour when the grinder is on its highest setting. This means that the grinder is perhaps be able to process almost any job that you want to complete. The grinder is capable to grind meat quickly, but keep a check on the grinder if you are grinding loads of meat continuously whether it is getting hot after continuous grinding. Let it cool down when you feel that it has started getting hot. This situation may happen after an hour or so, but mostly people at home never grind loads of meat in a sitting, so it doesn’t happens with an average user.

The STX 3000-TF uses three types of cutting blades gives you an advantage of sausage stuffing tubes and comes loaded with a very powerful three speed 3000 Watt motor which helps the user achieving the versatility they need while grinding meat at home. This is why we consider this as the best meat grinder. The STX 3000-TF has the combination of power and style into a machine that outperforms almost all the other similarly priced grinders available in the market. The outer body of the grinder is made from cast aluminum, which gives the durability toughness so that it will never crack and break during normal use as a cheaper coated unit will. You will have to really rough it up to break it. The inner body of the grinder is fitted with hardened carbon steel gears that give the unit a strong durability as these gears will almost never wear out

The STX 3000-TF is heavy-duty when we talk about the performance, but when we talk about the handling and usage and the weight of the unit it weighs only about 12 pounds, which helps a user to move it quickly and this does takes much space as well. Therefore if you are looking for a best meat grinder with best performance, easy handling and durability The STX 3000-TF is the right choice for any meat lover. The grinder gives you the variety, power and quick grinding with easy handling this machine is your perfect kitchen appliance.